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Protect your solar panels from pest birds with effective birdproofing

There are many ways in which pest birds can cause damage to solar panel systems, such as:

  • Fouling on the panels. Droppings covering 50% of a single panel can result in a 50% decrease in energy conversion of the whole solar PV system.
  • Nesting under panels. When temperatures drop pigeons may make a home for themselves in the space between the solar panels and the roof, causing damage to the fine connecting wires, impacting the performance of the system.
  • Damage to the aluminium solar frames. Bird fouling contains ammonia which causes rotting to aluminium frames.
  • Blocking downpipes and gutters. After making your solar panels their home, birds can block the nearby gutters and downpipes with their droppings and nesting material.

Why choose Eco Energy to birdproof your solar panels?

  • Our solar panel birdproofing systems are non-penetrating. The performance of the solar PV system will not be adversely affected and the warranty will also not be affected. We don't drill into the panels or use any adhesives. The polycarbonate clips we use will not scratch the suface of the panels. We use the best mesh on the market, tightly fitted to secure the perimeter of the panels so that birds can no longer enter and if they try to enter they won't get trapped.
  • The mesh we install is removable to allow the solar panels to be cleaned. The mesh system can be refitted by your maintenance team or we can re-fit it for you to our exacting standards.
  • We are a company you can trust. We are CHAS and Safe Contractor approved with many years of experience installing solar PV systems and birdproofing them.

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