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Commercial Solar Panel Experts in Ayrshire

Solar PV solutions in Ayrshire for businesses, commercial properties and industrial units

Sustainable energy solutions

Premium solar panels and equipment

10-year insurance-backed guarantees

Solar upgrades for maximum efficiency

Battery storage for more savings

Re-roofing with solar panels

Highly skilled, qualified professionals


We provide complimentary solar quotes and free surveys. Message us via the form below and we'll be in touch to assist you.

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Eco Energy installs and maintains Solar PV systems for commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties throughout Ayrshire.

Trusted and reliable solar panel specialists offering industry leading advice and money-saving green energy solutions.

With more than a decade of expertise in designing and installing commercial rooftop solar PV systems in Ayrshire, Eco Energy is the company you can trust to provide you with a solar panel system that aligns with your energy consumption and minimizes your company's carbon footprint, while effectively utilizing untapped roof space.

We are one of very few solar panel companies in Ayrshire who have both roofing and MCS accreditations so with Eco Energy you can get your re-roofing and Solar PV installation taken care of by the same team of qualified specialists.

We are experienced, reliable, and competitively priced.

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Solar Panels and Battery Storage solutions for all types of business in Ayrshire. Get in touch today to arrange a free solar survey

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Solar Panels for Hotels

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Solar Panels for Farms

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Solar Panels for Retail

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Solar Panels for Gyms

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Our team of Solar PV experts look forward to hearing from you. Use the form below to send us your enquiry and we'll be in touch ASAP to discuss your options and provide a free no-obligation quote.

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Investing in a solar panel system is a smart move for businesses in Ayrshire

Whether your goal is to save money, lower your carbon footprint, or ensure a stable energy source for your company's future, Eco Energy offers skilled installation of commercial solar systems featuring reliable, high-performance solar panels.

Is Solar PV a good idea for my business in Ayrshire?

Large businesses who consume substantial amounts of electricity will reap the greatest rewards from installing solar panels, but even small commercial entities with lower power consumption can enjoy substantial reductions in energy expenses.

What are the financial benefits?

A Solar PV system in Ayrshire can provide electricity at a rate of approximately 5p per kWh, inclusive of Operations & Maintenance expenses. This stands in stark contrast to the current grid-supplied rate of about 15p per unit.

Will it protect my business from energy price hikes?

In the next decade, energy costs are anticipated to double. Installing solar panels is a sensible energy strategy for commercial purposes that enables your business to pre-purchase electricity at a fixed rate of roughly five pence per unit. This ensures your enterprise is shielded from future energy price hikes.

We have installed thousands of solar panels in commercial properties all over Scotland. Speak with our team of experts today for more info.
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Book a free no-obligation solar survey

Our team of solar experts will assess your property to see is suitable for solar panels and, after a no-obligation survey, they will advise on the best options.

To arrange your free survey simply call 0800 193 0024 and we'll book you in for a visit at a time convenient to you.

Why use Eco Energy for solar?

  • Our team deliver a first class level of workmanship, and use only the best standard of products when installing a solar PV system, ensuring your system is made to last.
  • All solar PV systems that we install come with a 10 Year insurance-backed guarantee
  • We always provide clear and understandable information on systems so you can make an informed decision
  • All solar panels we provide are MCS-approved

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of commercial solar panels can vary depending on several factors such as the size and type of the solar panel system, the brand, the installation complexity, and the location of the project.

The pricing of commercial solar panels in the UK is typically expressed in pence per kilowatt. As of early 2023, the average cost of a commercial solar panel system in the UK is around £1 to £1.5 per watt, excluding VAT and installation costs.

For small to medium-sized businesses, the average cost of these solar panels ranges between £16,000 and £70,000.

Solar panels typically have an industry-standard lifespan of around 25 years.

While the panels may still generate electricity beyond this time frame, it's probable that the amount of energy produced through solar power will diminish.

Commercial solar panels are typically sized between 77 inches by 39 inches.

In comparison to residential solar panels, commercial solar panels are usually larger. A standard commercial solar PV system has a capacity of around 100 kW and generates approximately 91,500 units per year.

These systems commonly use solar panels with a 25-year warranty and inverters with a 10-year warranty.

Investing in a commercial solar PV installation can result in a significant return on investment.

The cost of generating commercial solar PV energy is typically around 5p per kWh on average. Businesses that currently pay for national grid electricity can expect a reduction of 60-70% in energy costs when transitioning to solar energy.

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